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Fantastic Reasons For Investing in Stocks

Fantastic Reasons For Investing in Stocks
one.) Specialists declare, that if managed correctly investing in stocks is the best investment.Plenty of people say that you can make plenty of money in the stock market. But aside from that what are the other reasons why you ought to start investing your money in stocks? Take a lot at these reasons.Prof. Seigel observed that from 1802 to 1997, a period of 195 years, although the stock market was volatile & fluctuating, it was still the leading vehicle of investment for most of the time. Even the greatest stock market crashes became mere insignificant blips in the business charts. Hypothetically, US$1 invested & re-invested in 1802 ought to multiply to US$7,500,000 at the finish of 1997.Studies confirm that while the stock market may have had its high & low moments, on the general picture, no other investment can beat the stock market. Prof. Jeremy Seigel supports this with numerous case studies in the book “Stock for the Long Run”.

two.) You are forced to learn.

Here’s an example closer to home. The highest return rate in recorded history of the Philippine stock market was 224% in 1986 The lowest return rate however, was negative 41% in 1997. Still, in case you held on to your investment for the long haul of about twenty years, the average return was still somewhere between 24% to 28% yearly.

three.) You will understand the meaning of “Knowledge is Power” & the importance of the net.

When you invest in the stocks, you will force yourself to read business news & to see the impact of major news headlines to your investments. News will cease to be mere coffee table topics but will assume a brand spanking new intending to you as to the way it may or may not affect your investments. Thus you will strive to understand financial & business terms in the news items, jargon you have never encountered before even in your wildest dreams. You get smarter as you are compelled to read & learn to expand your business knowledge. You may have slept through your business & finance subjects in college but now you cannot even blink while you try to grasp what inflation is & the way it can affect your investments. You will be motivated to learn like never before.

They are now in the age of knowledge or age of information know-how. Never has the saying “Knowledge is Power” been more applicable than to this age. Although to most people it is another elderly proverb, those who have tried online trading have discovered what it truly means. Way back to my college days, I have yearned to experience investing in the stock market. I was fascinated with the frenzy in stock exchange offices as portrayed in movies. It made me ask what it could be all about. Regrettably for me, I had not been able to invest early in life. I lacked important things: information, capability & money. But thanks to modern know-how, information is now obtainable through the net a mouse click away. Along with your fingers on the keyboard, even online trading is feasible. I am online most of the time monitoring the news, investing in stocks, doing online banking & a host of other things. It won’t be long before I can invest globally in different stock markets all over the world. & I will do all these while sitting comfortably at home!

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